Detroit Puppet Art

Last weekend, J and I took the kids to Detroit Puppet Art to see “The Snow Queen.” The organization is located downtown and offers puppet performances, exhibits, and classes. We were able to make reservations, but we should have showed up earlier, because the small theater was packed. The show was beautiful and at justContinue reading “Detroit Puppet Art”

A Trip to the Detroit Public Library

I’m happy that my kids love the library, and they were anxious to visit our new library in Detroit. We finally got to go earlier this month and I was immediately impressed just by the outside of the building, which is beautiful. But, the kids were more interested in the children’s room, and got rightContinue reading “A Trip to the Detroit Public Library”

Dequindre Cut

We live right near an entrance to the Dequindre Cut, “an urban recreational path.” The “Cut” was formerly a railroad line and is below street level. It provides a pedestrian-only path from the Riverfront all the way to Eastern Market, and will hopefully be expanded. J and the kids have been on the Cut countlessContinue reading “Dequindre Cut”

Family Fun at Campus Martius

On the way to BE’s school every morning we drive by Campus Martius, and right now the park is beautifully decorated and lighted for the holidays. The kids have been watching as the decorations are put up and ice rink is built. They were both begging, so we went skating the first weekend the rinkContinue reading “Family Fun at Campus Martius”

Savior or Saved?

Most adoptive parents I know hate it when other people treat them like a hero, simply for becoming parents through adoption. We strongly dislike the implication that we “saved” our kids. That’s why a new advertisement designed to recruit foster parents in Detroit caught my attention. My kids were adopted through foster care, so clearlyContinue reading “Savior or Saved?”

Living in a Segregated World

As a Caucasian raised in the suburbs, I recognize that I don’t have much authority when it comes to racial issues. When we moved to Detroit, we became the minorities for the first time in our lives. There’s been talk about how younger generations are “post racial,” but that’s not clear to me here inContinue reading “Living in a Segregated World”

Recycling in Detroit

In the suburbs, we had the luxury of having our recycling picked up every week with our garbage. Not so in the city. The alternative is to take your recycling to one of several drop off locations throughout the city courtesy of Recycle Here! The closest drop off location to us is near Eastern Market andContinue reading “Recycling in Detroit”

A food oasis

When people learn that I now live in Detroit, they often ask, “so where do you grocery shop?” Detroit has a reputation for being a “food desert.” People often hear that there are no grocery stores in the city and are told that Detroiters shop at party stores where they buy prepackaged food. I haveContinue reading “A food oasis”

Co-op living is the life for us

I may only be 32, but thanks to Grandma G, I’ve seen many “classic” television shows, including “Green Acres.” I always liked Eva’s Gabor’s character because she seemed so glamorous. And, naturally I thought of her when we recently made our big move to Detroit. I’m certainly not comparing Detroit to New York, but in aContinue reading “Co-op living is the life for us”