It’s Fun to Stay at the Boll Family YMCA

Living in Detroit

The Boll Family YMCA in Downtown Detroit is beautiful. BE participates in Girls on the Run there and both kids attend the Y’s school break camps. BE was really nervous when I first signed her up for winter break camp. It took a while, but now she really loves going. BC enjoys it as well. All the caregivers do a great job, and have been very helpful. Both kids will be there again this summer, and I know they’ll have a great time. It’s another great resources for those of us raising kids in Detroit.

Statue outside the Boll Family YMCA

Statue outside the Boll Family YMCA

Family Fun at Campus Martius

Living in Detroit

On the way to BE’s school every morning we drive by Campus Martius, and right now the park is beautifully decorated and lighted for the holidays. The kids have been watching as the decorations are put up and ice rink is built.

They were both begging, so we went skating the first weekend the rink officially opened. A few weeks before, the kids and I had been there for lunch at the Fountain Bistro. They split a cheeseburger and fries for only $10 total and I had a great veggie sandwich. And, the kids were so excited when the waitress brought them a whole box of crayons and told them they could color on the paper tablecloth.

The park is a wonderful for families and I’m happy that we live close enough to walk!

Campus Martius park in downtown Detroit

View from the Fountain Bistro

Coloring at the Fountain Bistro

Detroit Jazz fest

Living in Detroit

A few weeks ago, Detroit had its annual Jazz Fest downtown and we’re so close to downtown that we were able to walk there. BC had a great time dancing to music, and BE enjoyed playing in the fountain at Hart Plaza. I just wish we could have stayed longer. Here are some photos:

Fountain at Hart Plaza