We love Eastern Market

I love shopping at Eastern Market because there are so many¬†fresh, local products to choose from, even in the winter. My kids love it because there’s so much to see and do. BC and I were there last Saturday and he had a great time trying all the samples, waving to people, pushing the cart,Continue reading “We love Eastern Market”

Dequindre Cut

We live right near an entrance to the Dequindre Cut, “an urban recreational path.” The “Cut” was formerly a railroad line and is below street level. It provides a pedestrian-only path from the Riverfront all the way to Eastern Market, and will hopefully be expanded. J and the kids have been on the Cut countlessContinue reading “Dequindre Cut”

A food oasis

When people learn that I now live in Detroit, they often ask, “so where do you grocery shop?” Detroit has a reputation for being a “food desert.” People often hear that there are no grocery stores in the city and are told that Detroiters shop at party stores where they buy prepackaged food. I haveContinue reading “A food oasis”