Adoption: The First Chapter of Many

I’m really not fond of that analogy about people’s lives being like a book. Unfortunately, it was the first thing I thought about when I decided to write this post. In a previous post, I wrote about accepting the title of “mom.” I wanted to continue that theme, beginning with my past desire to “overshare.”Continue reading “Adoption: The First Chapter of Many”

Keeping families together in Michigan

Here’s a new update to Michigan’s ongoing quest to improve the state’s foster care system. As Michigan Radio recently reported, the state is piloting a new program designed to keep young children with their families and out of foster care. According to the report, DHS Director Maura Corrigan said: “Research confirms what most people instinctivelyContinue reading “Keeping families together in Michigan”

A foster care law suit in Michigan

Michigan has done a lot to improve the state’s foster care system lately, but there are still problems. Michigan radio recently reported on a lawsuit that several parents have brought against the state’s Department of Human Services for failing to disclose that their adoptive children had special needs, which should have qualified them for federalContinue reading “A foster care law suit in Michigan”

Open Adoption Roundtable: a visit with my “rival”

As part of the Open Adoption Bloggers group, I’m responding to the latest prompt in which we’re supposed to write about how we feel after a “visit.” My kids were adopted through the foster care system, so we don’t have an open adoption in the traditional sense of the phrase. My childrenĀ  have no contactContinue reading “Open Adoption Roundtable: a visit with my “rival””

The adopted movie

BE is seven, but she’ll only watch animated movies. In her mind, live action movies (even those meant for kids) are actually for adults. Over the weekend, J rented “Where the Wild Things Are,” and BE lasted about 10 minutes, insisting that she only likes cartoons. However, there is one live action movie that she’sContinue reading “The adopted movie”