Good enough parenting

It’s clear that I’m not perfect and probably no one is more aware of this than me. Yes, it’s true, I tend to be very hard on myself. But, there’s good news for me and all the other imperfect parents out there. A while back, BCLC therapist RB recommended a book called “Inside I’m Hurting”Continue reading “Good enough parenting”

It’s a small world

A while back, BCLC therapist RB introduced us to the idea of making our kids’ worlds smaller. By this, she meant to make their worlds more manageable for them. So far, we’ve been pretty successful at this, and it’s seemed to make a difference for us. The kids appear to be more regulated – andContinue reading “It’s a small world”

Driving lessons

I subscribe to an online newsletter by Heather Forbes, one of two authors of Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control. If you’re at all interested in BCLC, check it out at the Beyond Consequences Institute. In recent newsletter, I really liked how Heather explained the BCLC approach. Here’s an excerpt of what she wrote: Q: IfContinue reading “Driving lessons”