Adventures in eating


BE is a notoriously picky eater, so when J suggested we go to a Japanese buffet for dinner, I was very nervous. I envisioned whining and complaining in addition to her normal restaurant antics. To my surprise, she did very well and even tried something new. As the resident vegetarian, I would have preferred that it be something green, but I’m always happy to encourage adventurous eating. So, I didn’t object when she passed right over the veggies and went for the chicken foot! Yes, she had a chicken foot on her plate, and yes, she took a bite of it! She said it was too spicy, and didn’t eat any more, but I was very impressed that she put the thing her mouth. Here’s proof:

Now, BC will eat almost anything, including many vegetarian staples. And, his reputation as a sushi lover is well-known in our family. He particularly likes California roles and had no problem eating a few during our buffet trip. Here’s a photo of our 4-year-old sushi guy: