Giving Thanks

When we first decided to adopt through the foster care system three years ago, I told both sides of our family that we needed their help. I told them I knew it would be hard, and that we would need all the support we could get. At first, I wasn’t sure how it would turn out – I wasn’t sure if everyone would accept our decision. But this weekend, we saw a lot of the family for Thanksgiving, and I started thinking about how much we’ve been given.

I can’t explain how truly essential our family and friends have been to our survival this past year. Nearly everyone has accepted our children unconditionally. They’ve made BE and BC feel special and loved. The kids adore their new grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. This extended family has made it possible for our little family to grow (numerically and emotionally). Even if you haven’t experienced adoption, don’t forget to thank your family and friends this weekend!

I want to thank: Grandma K, Grandpa J, Grandma G, Aunt LM, Uncle LC, Aunt S, Aunt HK, Aunt AH, Uncle BH, Aunt JK, Uncle BK, Aunt SK, Cousin RK, Cousin CK, Cousin JH, Cousin MK, AP and her kids, MG, JT and her family, SD and her family, and so many others. You’ve made our little family possible.

Ok, enough sap!


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