The prodigal child

I subscribe to Heather Forbes’ e-newsletter. Heather is the co-author of “Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Contol,” a parenting philosophy that J and I follow. Heather always has great tips in her newsletter, and the most recent one is no expection. In the latest edition, she responds to a question about how to handle a 15-year-old who always runs away from home. Here’s an excerpt.

“The next time your son runs away … I want you to plan a celebration for his return. Instead of calling the police, call the caterer! Seriously, bake a cake or some cookies. Make a banner that says, ‘Welcome home, son. We missed you.’

Later in the day, take the time to be with your child and listen to him. Talk about what it is that drives him to leave. Really listen to him. Give him space to voice himself. Stay out of being defensive. Know that when he feels heard, he will be able to hear you.”

My kids are only 7 and 4, so it’s hard for me to really imagine myself living through this scenario. Would I really be able to be so gracious to BE or BC? I hope so, but I’m really not sure.

If you’re at all interested in this type of parenting, please consider subscribing to Heather’s newsletter at


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